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Supreme Original Add-Ons Pack

Pack Name:Supreme Original Add-Ons Pack
Release Date:October 6, 2003 (2003-10-06)
Authors:Lots Of People!
Notes:All the old add-ons, packed up for Supreme.


World NameAuthorFilenameLevels Collectibles
Battle Time!!George Schmidtbattletime.dlw8
BattletimeinspaceGeorge SchmidtBattletimeinspace.dlw13
Camel TownGreenswampdogcameltown.dlw16
Darn This DesertJack Darbydarnthisdesert.dlw16
Don't you love the woods?Greenswampdoglovewoods.dlw9
Flipped Out....Chuckchuck.dlw6
Fun Pack LandPants Of PowerFunpack.dlw10
Happyland AdventuresJack DarbyHappyland.dlw20
Lair of the LunaticRandy Atwellloony.dlw11
Land WorldEvan ZookLandworld.dlw11
Planet JJordoplanetJ.dlw21
Queen's JubileeJack DarbyJubilee.dlw20
Return to Spooky CastleDave Hettelspookycastle2.dlw19
Space Station 246-688Pants Of Powerspacey.dlw16
The Golden PyramidDave Hettelgoldenpyramid.dlw15
The happy forestKentenhappyforest.dlw15
The Idiotic ForestJack DarbyIdioticforest.dlw12
The Land of OzMike Carneylandofoz.dlw10
The Queen's RevengeJack DarbyQueenrevenge.dlw9
Weird WorldJordowierdworld.dlw21
welcome to terror town!Jim Vattyterrortown.dlw11


user/5000.txtSupreme With Cheese +1 more50 B
user/darndesert1.txtSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack85 B
user/darndesert2.txtSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack59 B
user/end.txtSupreme With Cheese +1 more54 B
user/intro.txtSupreme With Cheese +1 more118 B
user/lab.txtSupreme With Cheese +1 more72 B
user/Lev12.txtSupreme With Cheese +1 more64 B
user/queen1.txtSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack119 B
user/queen2.txtSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack78 B
worlds/battletime.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack377.2 KiB
worlds/Battletimeinspace.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack462.8 KiB
worlds/cameltown.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack878.5 KiB
worlds/chuck.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack577.9 KiB
worlds/darnthisdesert.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack727.5 KiB
worlds/Funpack.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack450.4 KiB
worlds/goldenpyramid.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack427.8 KiB
worlds/happyforest.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack557.7 KiB
worlds/Happyland.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack +1 more946 KiB
worlds/Idioticforest.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack761.3 KiB
worlds/Jubilee.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack1 MiB
worlds/landofoz.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack428.8 KiB
worlds/Landworld.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack541.2 KiB
worlds/loony.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack562.8 KiB
worlds/lovewoods.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack539.9 KiB
worlds/michelle.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack485.5 KiB
worlds/planetJ.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack863.5 KiB
worlds/Queenrevenge.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack467.9 KiB
worlds/spacey.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack893.2 KiB
worlds/spookycastle2.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack646.3 KiB
worlds/terrortown.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack613.2 KiB
worlds/wierdworld.dlwSupreme Original Add-Ons Pack676.2 KiB
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