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Pack NameWorldsDateAuthor(s)
Cheacher's Showdown12011-01-03Malwoden
Summer Silliness 7 - FR12011-01-03Felixrain
Winter Wackiness 9 - EC1 +10 files2011-01-03Poopsie
Haunted Shadows12011-01-03Loe151
Goofy Grove 2: Nature's Finest1 +1 file2010-10-31PurpleKoopa
The Search1 +40 files2010-10-31GESYes
Halloween Horror 114 +9 files2010-10-31SpaceManiac, Pewskeepski, Redbone, Kerma
Hollow Halloween1 +6 files2010-10-30Pewskeepski
Summer Silliness 7 - RP1 +10 files2010-10-02Pewskeepski
A Snowy Wasteland12010-09-03BigCrocks
Sleepless Castle1 +6 files2010-09-03Pewskeepski
Another Boring World12010-08-02xenu
Only Pumpkins12010-08-02Writerstix
Mush Forest1 +1 file2010-08-02Megadog
Bouapha's Cave Crisis12010-05-06Writerstix
Easy Brains, Hard Candles12010-05-06Writerstix
Boboil1 +12 files2010-05-06Blackduck, Moltanem2000, and Kerma
Bonster Malachit1 +24 files2010-05-06Knittel
Lake Champlain12010-05-06EMiester1130
Halloween Horror 10 - LM1 +8 files2010-01-06Mossysox
Winter Wackiness 82 +5 files2010-01-05Writerstix, Ninja Warrior
Around Bouapha's Town1 +35 files2010-01-05Writerstix
A Squiddy Christmas12010-01-05Peter Wakeman
Halloween Horror 103 +2 files2009-10-31Sonicchaos1993, Writerstix, SpaceManiac
Bouapha's Halloween Experience1 +3 files2009-10-31Kerma
Siege The Castle1 +1 file2009-10-31Blackduck
Halloweenia1 +12 files2009-10-31Bowserfan
Summer Silliness 62 +8 files2009-10-01SpaceManiac, Boyd
Realm Duels Xtreme12009-08-03DBAce9Aura
Puzz Adventures: Castle Smash!12009-08-03Revolution
Evilopolis 21 +10 files2009-08-03Harry Needham
Castle Of Lunacy1 +8 files2009-08-03Hammer Up!
Realm Duels12009-06-03DBAce9Aura
Lunatic Research Facility12009-06-03Androgeos Exeunt
The Bank12009-06-03Sonicchaos1993
The Poker Buddies1 +2 files2009-06-03JBooth
Monster Hotel12009-04-06VictoriaRose
Evilopolis12009-04-06Harry Needham
Hamumu Wars1 +18 files2009-01-06L156a21
Winter Wackiness 7 - CS12009-01-06CyberSonic
Aquatic Entrance12009-01-06DBAce9Aura
Bouapha's Apartment1 +10 files2008-12-01Writerstix
Double World12008-12-01BunnyBot 5000, Revolution
Dreamy Desert12008-12-01Ownt
Shadow Land1 +7 files2008-12-01Ownt
Woods Of Westwood12008-12-01Writerstix
LOST Island12008-10-31Writerstix
Cheeseworld1 +25 files2008-10-31King Krazy
Halloween Horror 95 +28 files2008-10-31Hammer Sideways, Kerma, Qwertybub3, SpaceManiac, Writerstix
Sollie1 +67 files2008-10-01BryanSNK
Kerma's Universe1 +5 files2008-10-01Kerma
Summer Silliness 5 - SS12008-09-04Supersilver
Jungle Madness!12008-09-04JBooth
Summer Silliness 54 +22 files2008-07-07Blackduck, Qwertybub3, Pumpkinbob, SpaceManiac
The Forest Place12008-05-01Pumpkinbob
The Village12008-05-01Eldest
Bonster Calcit1 +11 files2008-05-01Knittel
Lunachick's Quest: Crazy Castle1 +9 files2008-04-07Redbone
Haunted Graveyard12008-02-25Robot
Four Seasons12008-02-25ThompsonMommy
The Underwater Lab12008-02-25Robot
WWWorld1 +11 files2008-02-25ElMikkino
Forestopia1 +6 files2008-02-25Rtys
Dumb Universe 13 +5 files2008-02-04Knittel, Redbone, Hammer Up!
Pumpkin Pop Party1 +1 file2008-01-18Redbone
Bonster Pyrit12008-01-18Knittel
Prince Of Hamumu 21 +18 files2008-01-18Knittel
Bouapha In The Lost World1 +1 file2008-01-07Hammer Up!
Winter Wackiness 6 - LM1 +3 files2008-01-03Mossysox
Destroy And Destroy 212007-12-24Hammer Up!
Prince Of Hamumu12007-12-24Knittel
Bouapha Planet12007-12-24Hammer Up!
Hamumu Hotel1 +13 files2007-12-24L156a21
Monsters!12007-12-24Hammer Up!
Pumpkin Dimension12007-12-24Hammer Up!
Underground Of Caverns1 +1 file2007-12-24Knittel
Winter Wackiness 65 +13 files2007-12-24Hammer Up!, Knittel, Qwertybub3, BryanSNK, Blackduck
AI Lab12007-12-24Hammer Up!
Among The Clouds1 +8 files2007-10-30EGZ
Bunny World1 +6 files2007-10-30SpaceManiac
Destroy And Destroy12007-10-30Hammer Up!
Multi Worlds12007-10-30Hammer Up!
Play As?12007-10-30Knittel
Halloween Horror 85 +6 files2007-10-30Hammer Up!, Pizza, Qwertybub3, SpaceManiac, SpiderPumpkin
Befuddling Halloween Experience1 +31 files2007-10-30Coolguy
Pygmy Island 312007-10-04Winor
Summer Silliness 4 (10MB!)5 +71 files2007-07-04Hamumufan, CatWoman, Mossysox, Mr.Zee, Qwertybub3
Dimension V12007-05-01Winor
Cavernous Caves II12007-05-01Unknown Author
Morphed1 +2 files2007-05-01Julian
Monthly Merge 15: Midnight M.1 +10 files2007-04-014 Brave Nights
Desertopia1 +9 files2007-04-01Rtys
Bouapha In Toyland1 +3 files2007-04-01Puffazoid
Death Merge1 +1 file2007-03-01Death, 5 Others
Monthly Merge 14: Madlib Merge1 +9 files2007-03-014 Mad Librarians
Monthly Merge 13: Maze Merge1 +29 files2007-02-018 Amazing Folks
Snowtopia1 +6 files2007-02-01Rtys
Ice Expedition12007-02-01Disco Duck
Winter Wackiness 5 - JB12007-02-01Joshua B.
Winter Wackiness 5, Part 23 +19 files2007-01-16Bofupa, Lydpower, PlasmaCannonsRule
Adventures In Whatever12007-01-16Puffazoid
The Box Factory12007-01-16CyberSonic, Redbone
Pumpkin Island12007-01-16Redbone
Driving 1031 +1 file2007-01-16Boyd
The BIG Test12007-01-16Lord Loony
Winter Wackiness 53 +26 files2006-12-29Jordo, MadBob006, Qwertybub3
The Eerie Forest1 +10 files2006-12-01Boyd
Cave Expedition12006-12-01Disco Duck
Monthly Merge 12: Movie Merge1 +9 files2006-11-16Seven L. Jacksons
Confusing Crazy Caverns1 +12 files2006-11-16Mr.Onion
Forest Expedition12006-11-16Disco Duck
Field Of Screams12006-11-16Tim Weaver
So Much Snow!12006-11-16Keenan
Halloween Horror 76 +42 files2006-10-31Jordo, MadBob006, McMonkeyMcBean, Qwertybub3, Redbone, Wesley
Supreme Survival1 +1 file2006-10-31MadBob006
Evolution Garden12006-10-31Loony Supreme
Emerald Empire1 +3 files2006-10-31Lelacdescygnes
Desert Dares1 +2 files2006-10-01Jordo
Lost1 +7 files2006-10-01WackieWatty
Variety Pack1 +1 file2006-10-01Wesley
Loony Pilot1 +10 files2006-10-01Pete
Luigi's Pizzeria1 +4 files2006-10-01Pizza
Bouapha's Trip To The Future1 +33 files2006-10-01MadBob006
Race For Brains1 +1 file2006-10-01Qwertybub3
Captured! - The Evil Lab1 +20 files2006-09-26BryanSNK
A Wacky Country-side!12006-09-26Loony Supreme
Desert Sand12006-09-26Bofupa
Duck Army Stronghold1 +13 files2006-09-26Ducklegion
Sand, Grass, Water, And Lava12006-09-26Bofupa
Stockboy1 +4 files2006-09-26Bofupa
Super Small12006-09-26Bofupa
World One12006-09-26Bofupa
Super Fun Death Pack12006-09-17Death
Mt. Eruptus1 +2 files2006-09-17AtkinsSJ
Scary Skies1 +1 file2006-09-17Coolguy
World Of Bosses12006-09-17Loony Supreme
Dr. Puzzle 21 +7 files2006-09-01Redbone
Monthly Merge 11: Moomoo Merge1 +3 files2006-07-193 Moops
Tropical Island12006-07-02Winor
Crazy World12006-07-02Fitzygirl
[Name Here]1 +2 files2006-07-02Boyd
Dr. Puzzle1 +12 files2006-07-02Redbone
Monster Reunion12006-07-02Fitzygirl
Summer Silliness 33 +15 files2006-07-02Mr.Onion, Roland, Redbone
Random Fat12006-06-01Pete
Inventive1 +2 files2006-05-22Roland
Job Search1 +10 files2006-05-22Lydpower
Monthly Merge 10: Meticulous Merge1 +16 files2006-05-227 Meticulous Mortals
Driving 10212006-05-02Boyd
Bouapha Vs. Dr. Lunatic12006-05-02Redbone
Random Merge12006-04-06Pizza, Redbone, Death
Monthly Merge 9: Mikey Merge1 +1 file2006-03-178 Mikey Minions
Spooky Castle With Cheese1 +1 file2006-03-01Dave Hettel
Loony Labs1 +3 files2006-03-01PurpleKoopa
Monthly Merge 8: Mindmelt Merge1 +8 files2006-02-185 Minds
Alien Land12006-02-18Boyd, Redbone
It's A Scary World12006-02-02Redbone
A Bit Of This & A Bit Of That12006-02-02NickR
Halloween Horror 6 - RD12006-01-26Redbone
It's A Confusing World12006-01-26Nebro-Gubular SpisBoy
Eagles Path12006-01-26NickR
Thingeria12006-01-26Death, 5 Others
Mission: Lunacy12006-01-26Martin
Monthly Merge 7: Massive Merge1 +11 files2006-01-195 Massive Superstars
Gloomy Forest1 +6 files2006-01-18Pizza
Winter Wackiness 4 - RB1 +2 files2006-01-18Redbone
Winter Wackiness 45 +48 files2006-01-02Chaucer, Coolguy, Hammered, Janice, Pizza
Halloween Horror 6 - HR1 +33 files2005-12-01Hammered
Maze Madness12005-12-01Bofupa
Dumbopolis1 +5 files2005-12-01ScienceGuy
Desert Dominix1 +2 files2005-12-01Redbone, Coolguy, Infinitehammer
Loony Guy12005-12-01Redbone
Wolf Den12005-12-01Redbone
The Lunatics Strike Back12005-12-01Redbone
Monthly Merge 6: Monstrous Merge1 +12 files2005-11-157 Monstrous Fiends
The Arcade12005-11-15Nebro-Gubular SpisBoy
Halloween Horror 69 +72 files2005-10-31Boyd, BryanSNK, Coolguy, Josh Murphy, Jamul, Mr.Onion, McMonkeyMcBean, PurpleKoopa, SpiderPumpkin
Space World12005-10-06Bofupa
Idiom's Guide To Dr. Lunatic1 +6 files2005-10-06Janice
Boss World12005-09-17Death
Monthly Merge 5: Mental Merge1 +13 files2005-09-1712 of Hamumu's Personalities
Happy Ice Cream Land1 +2 files2005-09-01PurpleKoopa
Driving 1011 +4 files2005-09-01Boyd
Creepy Caves12005-09-01Boyd
Old Factory1 +4 files2005-08-25Pizza
Da Bones12005-08-25Boyd
Pumpkinia Supreme1 +1 file2005-08-25Death
The Time Twister12005-08-25Boyd
Monster Evolution12005-08-15Death
Monthly Merge 4: Mystery Merge1 +52 files2005-08-159 Mysterious Entities
Return To Monster Town1 +8 files2005-08-01WackieWatty
Wasted Wetlands12005-08-01PurpleKoopa
The Mega Challenge12005-08-01General Josh
Dr. Lunatic Revisited1 +7 files2005-07-22Mr.Zee, Jordo
Spamumu1 +35 files2005-07-22Hammered
Monthly Merge 3: Mini-Merge1 +9 files2005-07-1612 Unique Individuals
Itsy Bitsy World1 +3 files2005-07-08PurpleKoopa
Summer Silliness 29 +53 files2005-07-03Bofupa, Andrew, Blackmyth, Dave Hettel, Hammered, CatWoman, Justin, Mr.Zee, WackieWatty
Goofy Grove12005-07-03PurpleKoopa
Hammer Down1 +9 files2005-06-15CatWoman
Monthly Merge 2: Musical Merge1 +12 files2005-06-157 Crazy People
Captured!1 +13 files2005-06-02BryanSNK
Fairy Tale Freakiness1 +4 files2005-06-02Coolguy, Hammered, Mr.Zee, WackieWatty
Monthly Merge 1: Mayday1 +24 files2005-05-1610 Crazy People
Amazin' SPISPOPD1 +4 files2005-05-16Bofupa
The Hot Desert12005-05-16Dave Hettel
Desert Duel12005-05-16Blackmyth
Clancy Drew, Detective1 +12 files2005-05-16CatWoman
Hotel Loony12005-05-06Bofupa
Land Of Light1 +5 files2005-05-06McMonkeyMcBean
Cobweb Castle12005-04-21Pantsofpower
Scout Camp1 +7 files2005-04-21Janice
Merging Traffic1 +11 files2005-04-1310 Crazy People!
Prehistoric Peril12005-04-06Coolguy
Obscurity Clearance1 +31 files2005-04-06Hammered
Bedtime Stories1 +11 files2005-04-06CatWoman
April Fool's Day1 +1 file2005-04-06Bofupa
Stealth Mania12005-04-06General Josh
Night And Day12005-03-21Bofupa
Monster Town1 +4 files2005-03-21WackieWatty
Minecarts 212005-03-21Bofupa
Deja Vu1 +68 files2005-03-21Hammered, Dave Hettel
Dr. Lunatic's Demise1 +6 files2005-03-14Chris
Weirdsconsin1 +4 files2005-03-14McMonkeyMcBean
The World12005-03-14Bofupa
Shipwrecked1 +16 files2005-02-22BryanSNK
Nut House12005-02-22Bofupa
Wet Water12005-02-22Bofupa
Valentine's Day1 +1 file2005-02-14Bofupa
Neat World12005-02-02Bofupa
Bunny Land12005-02-02Andrew
Patchwork Quilt1 +6 files2005-01-28Hammered
Pygmy Island 212005-01-12Bofupa
Spring Break1 +1 file2005-01-12CatWoman
Winter Wackiness 310 +43 files2005-01-03AtkinsSJ
School Days12005-01-03Bofupa
Shop World1 +3 files2005-01-03Bofupa
Company Co.1 +1 file2005-01-03Bofupa
Weird House12005-01-03Bofupa
It's A Mutant World12005-01-03Joey Nally
Zoo Zaniness1 +2 files2004-12-15Coolguy
Urban Chaos 31 +5 files2004-12-15Coolguy
To Grandfather's House We Go12004-12-15Janice
Vacation Acres12004-12-15McMonkeyMcBean
Nasty Bad World1 +1 file2004-12-15Eric
World Without End12004-12-15RebeccaN
Music For HH5-PM13 files2004-10-28SpiderPumpkin, (Warning: this is 10MB!)
Halloween Horror 516 +38 files2004-10-28WackieWatty, SpiderPumpkin, McMonkeyMcBean, Npman5, Mr.Zee, Lisa, Jordo, Joey Nally, Janice, Hammered, Coolguy, Bp, BryanSNK, Boogie Bunny, Andrew, Bofupa
Mall World12004-10-06Bofupa
For Becky & Zoe12004-10-06Daddy
Monster Power12004-10-01Bogie Bunny
Angelo's Pizza: Party Edition1 +5 files2004-08-30Joey Nally
Boogie Man12004-08-28Bunny Bogie
Cactus Country12004-08-28Justin
Candles Of The Desert1 +2 files2004-08-28BryanSNK
Forest World1 +1 file2004-08-28Bofupa
Bouapha In Wonderland12004-08-28Coolguy
Attack Of The Thingies1 +1 file2004-08-16BryanSNK
dull1 +2 files2004-08-16Joey Nally
Senseless Summer1 +2 files2004-08-04Andrew
Super Fun Six Pack1 +6 files2004-08-04Coolguy
Mixed Up Levels12004-07-23Justin
Zoid Monsters12004-07-23Bofupa
Lakestone Park12004-07-23Joey Nally
Summer Silliness Pack8 +30 files2004-07-23Bofupa, Bp, Coolguy, Joey Nally, Jordo, Justin, JT, Jamul
Angelo's Pizza12004-06-21Joey Nally
Urban Chaos 21 +4 files2004-06-21Coolguy
Lava Cave12004-06-14Bofupa
Quest For Orbs1 +2 files2004-06-14Devon Rose
Clear Monsters12004-06-02Bofupa
Out Back12004-06-02Bofupa
Bouapha's Nightmare12004-06-02Kaven Caballero
Urban Chaos12004-06-02Coolguy
Bouapha On Ice12004-04-05Andrew
Idiotic Forest 212004-04-05Jack darby
Seasons And More12004-04-05Evan Zook
Crumbly Castle12004-03-25Pantsofpower
Weird Seasons1 +9 files2004-03-25Bofupa
Dark Forest12004-03-25Pantsofpower
The Grim Graveyard12004-03-25Pantsofpower
Dr. Lunatic's Castle12004-03-25Jordo
Nuclear Beach1 +2 files2004-03-25Jordo
Desert Madness12004-01-09Boss Zero
Halloween Horror 4 - TG12003-12-20Pantsofpower
The Gauntlet12003-11-19Devon
Underwater Beach12003-11-19Devon
Happyland Adventures (Supreme Edition)12003-11-04Jack darby
Halloween Horror Pack 4 (Supreme)6 +1 file2003-10-31Bp, The Emperor Master, Jordo, Lisadash, Lisa, SpiderPumpkin
Loony Iceland12003-10-12Jordo
Supreme Demo Worlds Pack32003-10-09Jamul, Lisa
Looney Racers12003-10-06Greenswampdog
Supreme Original Add-Ons Pack22 +9 files2003-10-06Lots Of People!
Supreme With Cheese85 +191 files2003-09-18Hamumu
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