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JspEdit is a tool for modifying .jsp (Jamul Sprite) files, used in various Hamumu games to store monster, item, and interface graphics. Supreme With Cheese 8.0+ support using custom JSP files for monsters and items in worlds. JspEdit allows creating these JSP files from your own sprites or by modifying existing JSP files.

JspEdit boats a wide array of features for editing JSP files, including sprite import and export in many common image formats, sprite adding, removing, and reordering, origin modification, and complete compatibility with all games that use JSP files.

The latest version of JspEdit is included with HamSandwich.

JspEdit 3

Written: 2019-05-31
Published: 2023-09-15
Download: Changes:
  • Add tabbed view for opening multiple JSP files
  • Add "Browse" view for files with many frames
  • Optimize palette conversion

JspEdit 2

Written: 2014-03-12
Download: Changes:
  • Add mouse-driven main menu to complement keyboard shortcuts
  • Replace raw filename entry with standard open/save dialogs
  • Add side panel to view nearby frames
  • Add batch import/export options

JspEdit 1

Written: 2011-01-03
Tad Hardesty, 2014–2023.