Welcome to Wombat!

I am SpaceManiac, and Wombat is the home of my Hamumu fandom material.

HamSandwich: Six 2.5D action games, open source and running on modern systems.

Sleepless Hollow: Information and add-on worlds.

Supreme with Cheese: "Unpickled", a huge database of levels and secrets.

NPC Quest High Scores: Mod for NPC Quest which adds online high-score tables.

JspEdit: Tool to edit Dr. Lunatic engine graphic archive files.

HamSwap: Tool for easy switching between add-on Kid Mystic and Loonyland 1 world files.

LunaticPal: Tool to convert common image formats to Dr. Lunatic-palette bitmaps.

Also visit Loonychat and the wiki!

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