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I am Tad Hardesty, alias SpaceManiac, and Wombat is the home of most of my forays into random computer science things and any particularly fun stuff I've done related to Hamumu. Want to revitalize your Costume Party editor menu or home screen with a new look? Easily manage your Loonyland 1 and Kid Mystic addons? Or perhaps link to a YouTube video on the forums? It's all right here.

All Projects

American History Review: A timeline-based review game for American History classes (or just for fun).

Best Halloween Ever: Overviews and other useful info on Hamumu's Best Halloween Ever events.

Conspiracy Trials: The 7 Conspiracy Trials. Don't break your brain, there's no prize.

HamSwap: Tool for easy switching between add-on Kid Mystic and Loonyland 1 "worlds".

JspEdit: A utility to edit Dr. Lunatic engine graphic archive files.

LunaticPal: A tool to convert common image formats to Dr. Lunatic-palette bitmaps.

McURL: A tool that connects minecraft:// links to the Minecraft launcher.

NPCQuest High Scores: Mod for NPC Quest which enables online hi-score tables.

Sleepless Hollow: Progress reports on the Sleepless Hollow beta and a list of worlds.

Unpickled: An enourmous database of information on every level in Supreme with Cheese.

Spooky World Generator: A random Supreme world generator built for BHE 2012.

YouTube Embed: TubeCodes replacement for linking to embedded YouTube videos.

Header image based on photo licensed under CC-BY-SA. Several icons from the Silk icon set licensed under CC-BY.

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