HalloweeNPC Quest

At one point, various Hamumuians began discussing online high scores for NPC Quest. In June 2010, I built the actual mod. For BHE 2011, I revised it to include scores for non-dead NPCs. For BHE 2013, I've given it a complete revamp with an improved score system and added customization options including a HalloweeNPC Quest graphics and text pack.


All you need to play HalloweeNPC Quest is available here: npcquest.zip (zip, 2.09 MB). The money cheat has been removed and it's now impossible to sell things for more than you buy them for. For anti-cheating reasons, I won't be making the mod's source code available, but you can find the original on Hamumu (zip, 25.9 KB). The first set of high scores is living NPCs (grayed out means inactive), and the second consists of dead NPCs. Only NPCs with scores greater than 5 are listed. You can also check out the old scores.

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The Greatest NPCs of Our Day

11.40Udbiy Bypa4Warrior

The Greatest NPCs in History

ScoreNamePlayerLvlClassKilled By
1.2877147AapiMexican20Thiefa Mutant DolphininA Very Bad Place
2.374035Jeysa GujtyMexican17DoctorStarvationinFrosty Hill
3.92847OgsafuoMexican15Warriora BlueyinRocky Dirtville
4.85743AbkomiyMexican15Wizarda GnomeinLavalava Hot Springs
5.48222OaqiMexican14Wizarda Hot DoginRocky Dirtville
6.34319Yyiroo13Wizarda BlueyinThe Isle Of Terror
7.26382TekikuMexican13Wizarda BlueyinRocky Dirtville
8.11173DoheabMexican12Wizarda BlueyinRocky Dirtville
9.11086RisusyMexican12Rangera BlueyinThe Isle Of Terror
10.1282AjepiiMexican9Rangera BlueyinThe Isle Of Terror
11.1216RagafoMexican8Wizarda PupotroninThe Isle Of Terror
12.945ErihyiSpaceManiac8Doctora FatbirdinFloofy Woods
13.734AkyeseMexican8Wizarda GnomeinThe Isle Of Terror
14.407AyyaMexican7Warriora FatbirdinFloofy Woods
15.239UzotoyMexican6Wizarda FatbirdinFloofy Woods
16.160Ouwo6Thiefa BlueyinA Very Bad Place
17.137Pyo Z'PibhMexican5Rangera FatbirdinFloofy Woods
18.131AyevuoMexican5Warriora FatbirdinFloofy Woods
19.43Exiege4Warriora GnomeinFloofy Woods
20.42YocoMexican4Wizarda GnomeinFloofy Woods
20.42LyotuiMexican4Doctora PupotroninThe Isle Of Terror
22.29Athoy HohiMexican3Guarda GnomeinGnomey Plains
23.24DovuruMexican3Wizarda GnomeinGnomey Plains
24.8UxeidoSpaceManiac1Peasanta GnomeinGnomey Plains
25.7Yhoyyo1Peasanta GnomeinGnomey Plains
25.7Yiesao1Peasanta GnomeinGnomey Plains
25.7PyxafaSpaceManiac1Peasanta GnomeinGnomey Plains
25.7EdoyhySpaceManiac1Peasanta GnomeinGnomey Plains
29.6Zyatoe1Peasanta GnomeinGnomey Plains
29.6Uipo1Peasanta GnomeinGnomey Plains
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