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Split Level Lunacy

Level name:Split Level Lunacy
World:Split Level Lunacy
Item Drop: 5.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:20 x 20
Level Flags: hub

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoSplit SplatAUTO17, 3
gotoSplit SecondAUTO9, 3
gotoSplit PersonalityAUTO17, 9
gotoSplit ShiftAUTO17, 16
gotoSplitting HaresAUTO4, 3
gotoSplit DecisionAUTO7, 14
gotoSplitting The AtomAUTO3, 14
gotoSplitting The AtomAUTO2, 15
gotoSplit Level LunacyAUTO3, 255
gotoSplit OffAUTO19, 15
gotoSide-Splitting LaughterAUTO19, 16
gotoSplit UpAUTO19, 7
gotoSplit Ends & Dead EndsAUTO19, 8
gotoSplitting HeadacheAUTO17, 255
gotoSplitting HeadacheAUTO17, 255
gotoSplitting HeadacheAUTO17, 255
gotoSplitting HeadacheAUTO17, 0
gotoSplit LipAUTO3, 0
gotoBanana SplitAUTO4, 0
gotoLickity SplitAUTO8, 0
gotoLet's SplitAUTO9, 0
gotoSplit RailAUTO18, 0

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
gotoSplit Level Lunacy3, 255AUTO
winSplit Splat9, 60AUTO
winSplitting Headache45, 60AUTO
winSplit Rail48, 3AUTO
winSplit Second7, 61AUTO
winLickity Split8, 60AUTO
winLet's Split2, 2AUTO
winSplit Personality2, 36AUTO
winSplit Up2, 39AUTO
winSplit Shift61, 1AUTO
winSplit Off61, 22AUTO
winSide-Splitting Laughter2, 10AUTO
winSplit Ends & Dead Ends2, 50AUTO
winSplitting Hares48, 15AUTO
winSplitter Splatter48, 94AUTO
winSplit Splish Splash56, 85AUTO
winSplit Splish Splash57, 85AUTO
winSplit Splish Splash56, 86AUTO
winSplit Splish Splash57, 86AUTO
winSplit Lip4, 58AUTO
winBanana Split14, 30AUTO
winSplit Hit Splat63, 63AUTO
winSplit Decision120, 120AUTO
winSplitting The Atom26, 68AUTO
winSplit Pea Soup63, 63AUTO
winStocks Split!35, 28AUTO
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