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The Castle

Level name:The Castle
World:The Castle
Item Drop: 5.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:20 x 20
Level Flags: hub

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoWoodland MazeAUTO14, 18
gotoSomewhere in the Woods...AUTO12, 16
gotoGloomy MazeAUTO11, 10
gotoThe PassageAUTO8, 10
gotoThe Grand HallAUTO12, 5
gotoTrapped!AUTO7, 5
gotoThe CemeteryAUTO18, 15
gotoThe GrasslandsAUTO7, 18
gotoMagma CaveAUTO3, 3
gotoPumpkin GardenAUTO4, 18
gotoThe PoolAUTO2, 15
gotoEvil CaveAUTO5, 3
gotoJetpacks in the WoodsAUTO1, 11
gotoGnome CavernAUTO1, 3
gotoTo the Throne Room!AUTO9, 0
gotoTo the Throne Room!AUTO10, 0
gotoThe Old TowerAUTO18, 2
goto13 ChambersAUTO17, 7
gotoZoid ChambersAUTO16, 1
gotoNight in the Grand HallAUTO14, 1

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
winWoodland Maze2, 17AUTO
winSomewhere in the Woods...9, 18AUTO
winThe Passage7, 3AUTO
winGloomy Maze1, 15AUTO
winThe Grand Hall31, 63AUTO
winTrapped!20, 58AUTO
winThe Cemetery31, 1AUTO
winThe Grasslands17, 2AUTO
winPumpkin Garden10, 18AUTO
winMagma Cave9, 0AUTO
winThe Pool16, 0AUTO
winEvil Cave10, 0AUTO
winTreasure Chamber2, 0AUTO
winJetpacks in the Woods9, 61AUTO
winGnome Cavern32, 1AUTO
winThe Final Battle!32, 6AUTO
win13 Chambers47, 63AUTO
winThe Old Tower22, 36AUTO
winZoid Chambers30, 29AUTO
winNight in the Grand Hall31, 63AUTO
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