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SpAcEd OuT

Level name:SpAcEd OuT
World:SpAcEd OuT
Item Drop: 5.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:20 x 20
Level Flags: hub starry

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoOrbiter ManiaAUTO2, 9
gotoNeed for SpeedAUTO17, 9
gotoThe VoidAUTO17, 1
gotoSecurity HeadquartersAUTO17, 5
gotoShowdownAUTO12, 6
gotoBlast-Off!AUTO18, 4
gotoNode 15AUTO18, 2
gotoZoid Mutation PlantAUTO14, 15
gotoShowdown IIAUTO12, 12
gotoMind Control Madness!AUTO15, 14
gotoMore Mind Control Madness!AUTO3, 16
gotoThe Lava ChamberAUTO16, 15
gotoVertigoAUTO15, 16
gotoBio-Engineering LabAUTO3, 14
gotoThe Space StationAUTO4, 15
gotoThe Security RoomAUTO2, 15
gotoThe Robotics LaboratoryAUTO6, 6
gotoThe Space PlatformAUTO2, 5
gotoPlanet XAUTO2, 1
gotoBash a BotAUTO1, 4
gotoIntergalactic Weapons DumpAUTO1, 2
gotoIt Came From Outer SpaceAUTO6, 12
gotoThe Pumpkins of DoomAUTO9, 2

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
winSecurity Headquarters9, 9AUTO
winBash a Bot9, 1AUTO
winNeed for Speed18, 1AUTO
winShowdown18, 1AUTO
winThe Void23, 31AUTO
winBlast-Off!16, 127AUTO
winNode 1512, 12AUTO
winZoid Mutation Plant32, 6AUTO
winZoid Mutation Plant33, 6AUTO
winShowdown II18, 1AUTO
winMind Control Madness!9, 17AUTO
winMore Mind Control Madness!9, 19AUTO
winThe Lava Chamber18, 1AUTO
winVertigo9, 9AUTO
winBio-Engineering Lab39, 59AUTO
winThe Space Station89, 66AUTO
winOrbiter Mania27, 58AUTO
winIt Came From Outer Space10, 0AUTO
winThe Space Platform9, 5AUTO
winPlanet X10, 0AUTO
winThe Security Room9, 17AUTO
winThe Security Room10, 17AUTO
winIntergalactic Weapons Dump0, 7AUTO
winIntergalactic Weapons Dump0, 8AUTO
winThe Robotics Laboratory9, 9AUTO
winThe Robotics Laboratory10, 9AUTO
winThe Pumpkins of Doom9, 9AUTO
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