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Summer Silliness 5 - SS

Level name:Summer Silliness 5 - SS
World:Summer Silliness 5 - SS
Item Drop: 5.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:20 x 20
Level Flags: hub

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoKingdom of Crystal LichAUTO16, 8
gotoChill BillAUTO6, 9
gotoKung Fu PengulonAUTO10, 6
gotoIndiana clones 4AUTO3, 7
gotoUp A River Without a HammerAUTO3, 12
gotoMission S.U.M.M.E.R.AUTO12, 11
gotoNuclear summerAUTO9, 18
gotoThe SandcastleAUTO7, 2
gotoDr. Lunatic's pool partyAUTO17, 12

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
winKingdom of Crystal Lich9, 9AUTO
winChill Bill0, 14AUTO
winKung Fu Pengulon12, 18AUTO
winIndiana clones 410, 14AUTO
winUp A River Without a Hammer11, 19AUTO
winMission S.U.M.M.E.R.8, 8AUTO
winNuclear summer15, 19AUTO
winThe Sandcastle5, 1AUTO
winDr. Lunatic's pool party10, 0AUTO
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