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Ruins World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level name:Ruins World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
World:Super Fun 6-Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Item Drop: 5.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:50 x 50
Level Flags: hub torch

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoThe Curse 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTO48, 44
gotoThe Curse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTO43, 44
gotoRuiners!AUTO43, 48
gotoSneaky SneakyAUTO38, 45
gotoThe Mummy Returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTO17, 46
gotoBig Bad PumpkinAUTO38, 36
gotoI Dream of JeannieAUTO41, 38
gotoPygmiphobia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTO45, 36
gotoSuper Fun 6-Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTO44, 46
gotoRuins ShowdownAUTO43, 30

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
gotoSuper Fun 6-Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!25, 4AUTO
winThe Curse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!45, 11AUTO
winThe Curse 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!45, 11AUTO
winRuiners!10, 0AUTO
winSneaky Sneaky18, 16AUTO
winThe Mummy Returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!9, 13AUTO
winBig Bad Pumpkin9, 8AUTO
winI Dream of Jeannie0, 8AUTO
winPygmiphobia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!13, 11AUTO
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