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Sand, Grass, Water, and Lava

Level name:Sand, Grass, Water, and Lava
World:Sand, Grass, Water, and Lava
Item Drop: 5.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:40 x 50
Level Flags: hub

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoSand, Walls, and Dead PeopleAUTO11, 12
gotoMaze that leads to some RoomsAUTO26, 12
gotoA Maze with some Green roomsAUTO11, 37
gotoA Road with Trees along the wayAUTO26, 37
gotoThe ThingxterAUTO20, 11
gotoThe SphinxthingAUTO17, 11
gotoSome pumkins in a grassy areaAUTO20, 37
gotoSome pumkins in a sandy areaAUTO17, 37
gotoWhat???AUTO26, 25
gotoThe Marketplace. With Bunnys?AUTO11, 25

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
winMaze that leads to some Rooms8, 17AUTO
winSand, Walls, and Dead People26, 50AUTO
winA Maze with some Green rooms58, 36AUTO
winA Road with Trees along the way2, 17AUTO
winBeneeth the woods, in a cavern2, 0AUTO
winThe Thingxter3, 7AUTO
winThe Sphinxthing3, 7AUTO
winSome pumkins in a grassy area17, 13AUTO
winSome pumkins in a sandy area4, 0AUTO
winWhat???72, 97AUTO
winThe Marketplace. With Bunnys?19, 29AUTO
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