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Loony Labs

Level name:Loony Labs
World:Loony Labs
Item Drop: 0.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:41 x 50
Level Flags: raining hub

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoGooey Green GardensAUTO29, 35
gotoThe PlantAUTO37, 35
gotoMini-MeAUTO2, 8
gotoSea(ing) SerpentsAUTO4, 8
gotoSea(ing) SerpentsAUTO5, 8
gotoBoundin' BouaphaAUTO7, 8
gotoLunacy DepartmentAUTO11, 26
gotoFactorious!AUTO29, 26
gotoMad, Mad, Mad, MadAUTO20, 26
gotoThe ComputerAUTO7, 34
gotoCompletely BattyAUTO28, 44
gotoMen At WorkAUTO2, 37
gotoDomino BoneyardAUTO2, 45
gotoDr. Lunatic's OfficeAUTO20, 7
gotoCrazy Cabbages?!AUTO36, 46
gotoLunacy ShrineAUTO25, 19
gotoLevel of the Loony KeyAUTO35, 13

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
winMini-Me11, 0AUTO
winGooey Green Gardens2, 2AUTO
winThe Plant28, 40AUTO
winLunacy Department58, 27AUTO
winFactorious!37, 0AUTO
winCompletely Batty23, 49AUTO
winBoundin' Bouapha53, 4AUTO
winMad, Mad, Mad, Mad23, 0AUTO
winSea(ing) Serpents13, 0AUTO
winThe Computer10, 43AUTO
winDomino Boneyard52, 15AUTO
winMen At Work12, 39AUTO
winDr. Lunatic's Office100, 17AUTO
gotoDr. Lunatic's Office4, 97AUTO
winCrazy Cabbages?!20, 2AUTO
winLevel of the Loony Key30, 26AUTO
winLunacy Shrine10, 0AUTO
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