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Itsy Bitsy World

Level name:Itsy Bitsy World
World:Itsy Bitsy World
Item Drop: 0.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:23 x 23
Level Flags: hub

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoLittle ChoresAUTO11, 7
gotoNot Very RoomyAUTO15, 8
gotoLittle LibraryAUTO18, 8
gotoMicroizationAUTO20, 10
gotoMicrobesAUTO18, 14
gotoLittle DipperAUTO18, 20
gotoWee Little PeopleAUTO15, 18
gotoA Little ScaredAUTO10, 19
gotoThe MicrowaveAUTO6, 20
gotoMinivan DriveAUTO7, 16
gotoTiny TowerAUTO4, 17
gotoDiminishing DesertAUTO2, 19
gotoLittle LabyrinthAUTO3, 13
gotoSmallpoxAUTO4, 8
gotoBits and PiecesAUTO7, 9
gotoHoney, I Shrunk MyselfAUTO10, 3
gotoMini BossesAUTO11, 0
gotoBite Size PumpkinsAUTO1, 1
gotoA Little Get-TogetherAUTO21, 1

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
winLittle Chores12, 9AUTO
winNot Very Roomy14, 10AUTO
winLittle Library10, 0AUTO
winMicroization11, 7AUTO
winMicrobes10, 23AUTO
winLittle Dipper18, 11AUTO
winWee Little People1, 18AUTO
winA Little Scared22, 21AUTO
winThe Microwave9, 19AUTO
winMinivan Drive28, 2AUTO
winTiny Tower5, 13AUTO
winDiminishing Desert10, 9AUTO
winLittle Labyrinth20, 21AUTO
winSmallpox9, 1AUTO
winBits and Pieces9, 1AUTO
winHoney, I Shrunk Myself5, 2AUTO
winBite Size Pumpkins10, 1AUTO
winMini Bosses2, 28AUTO
winA Little Secret2, 7AUTO
winA Little Get-Together11, 0AUTO
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