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Supreme Cool Levels!

Level name:Supreme Cool Levels!
World:Dr. Lunatic's Demise
Item Drop: 0.00%
Items: 0 0
Dimensions:25 x 22
Level Flags: hub

This level links to...

TypeDestination LevelDestination LocationSource Location
gotoRobot ConventionAUTO23, 15
gotoUnderwater ArenaAUTO16, 15
gotoAttack of the Happy Stickmen!AUTO21, 6
gotoSkool DazAUTO6, 14
gotoBunnies and BaddiesAUTO13, 15
gotoFINAL (almost) BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!AUTO6, 18
gotoDr. Lunatic's DemiseAUTO20, 19

This level is linked from...

TypeSource LevelSource LocationDestination Location
gotoDr. Lunatic's Demise10, 19AUTO
winUnderwater Arena14, 1AUTO
winRobot Convention6, 1AUTO
winAttack of the Happy Stickmen!14, 15AUTO
winSkool Daz2, 11AUTO
winBunnies and Baddies9, 39AUTO
winFINAL (almost) BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!6, 14AUTO
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