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Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese is a 2003 adventure/action game by Hamumu Software. It is available for Windows and Linux as Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Steam. A non-Steam edition is available for free as part of the HamSandwich collection on itch.io, also for macOS, Android, and web browsers. Old versions are also available on itch.io. Supreme's source code is MIT-licensed and included in HamSandwich on GitHub.

This page hosts Unpickled, a database of worlds, levels, and secret locations from Supreme With Cheese and its hundreds of add-on worlds. Click the links above to see more.

Getting Add-on Worlds

Supreme With Steam (v9.0) HamSandwich (v9.0) Old versions (v7.8 and v8.0d)
Works in progress Visit #bouapha in the LoonyChat on Discord
Unverified worlds Supreme With Steam Workshop
New verified worlds Collection on Workshop Enable the world in the launcher
All Worlds 2018 pack Pack on Workshop Enable "All Supreme Worlds (2018)" in the launcher Download from itch.io
How to install Subscribe via Steam Workshop or place .zip files in addons/supreme/ folder. Enable in launcher or drag-and-drop .zip files into launcher. Unzip into your installation. Some newer worlds may not work.

Community Links

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